Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment

C-PREE is an interdisciplinary research center at the Princeton School for Public and International Affairs committed to training leaders in the field of environmental and energy policy. We develop rigorous research that blends scientific knowledge and methods with social science and practitioner perspectives in ways that yield practical solutions for the major environmental and energy challenges facing the world today.


by Liana Wait, School of Public and International Affairs
Modern-day agriculture faces two major dilemmas: how to produce enough food to feed the growing human population and how to minimize environmental...

This year, we are thrilled to celebrate the graduation of 18 students. This year’s graduates and their STEP policy topics include:

by Environmental Defense Fund (adapted)
New analysis highlights dramatic benefit of swift action on a potent greenhouse gas, underscores missed opportunity if solutions are slow or delayed
by Julie Chao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Keely Swan, C-PREE
New study finds the economic harms of methane emissions can vary greatly by region


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