Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment

C-PREE is an interdisciplinary research center at the Princeton School for Public and International Affairs committed to training leaders in the field of environmental and energy policy. We develop rigorous research that blends scientific knowledge and methods with social science and practitioner perspectives in ways that yield practical solutions for the major environmental and energy challenges facing the world today.


by Bianca Ortiz-Miskimen ‘22

Epidemiologists highlighted the dangers of Covid-19 in its early stages, but their warnings went largely ignored until rising infection rates...

by Keely Swan

As a Ph.D student in Zoology at University of Cambridge, David Williams was working on his doctoral dissertation on the trade-offs between food...

Ramón Cruz MPA ’02 recently was elected as the Sierra Club’s president of the Board of Directors. He is the first Latino president in the...

As part of a series exploring the disciplinary variety of 2020 senior thesis research,...


Achieving Mandatory Emissions Reductions for Environmental Justice Communities Through Climate Change Mitigation Policy

Clean Energy Transition and a Sustained Recovery in Southeast Asia

Mon, Oct 5, 2020, 12:15 pm

The Role of Insurance in Climate Adaptation