Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment (C-PREE)

C-PREE is an interdisciplinary research center at the Princeton School for Public and International Affairs committed to training leaders in the field of environmental and energy policy. We develop rigorous research that blends scientific knowledge and methods with social science and practitioner perspectives in ways that yield practical solutions for the major environmental and energy challenges facing the world today.


Tackling Climate Change’s Most Complex Phenomena
Written by Riis L. Williams

A new partnership between Princeton University’s Center for Policy Research on Energy and…

Like China, Japan and the U.S. Continue to Finance Overseas Fossil Fuel Power Technologies
Written by Riis L. Williams
Stepping away from carbon-intensive power systems and investing in renewable technologies is critical to decarbonizing the global power sector…
How We Measure Biodiversity Can Have Profound Impacts on Land-Use
Written by Liana Wait, School of Public and International Affairs

The world’s human population is expanding, which means even more agricultural land will be needed to provide food for this growing population…

Americans are Unaware of Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology, According to a New Study
Written by Molly Seltzer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Capturing carbon at the smokestack is a promising way to combat climate change, but the majority of Americans are unfamiliar with the technology,…


Governing systemic transitions towards a climate neutral society

The change towards climate neutrality, or net zero emissions by 2050 will require fundamental systemic transitions in the core systems of our…

Taking Stock and Looking Forward - Experts Reflect on COP26

Climate science and environmental policy experts from Princeton University and Climate Central will reflect on the outcomes of the