Become an Environmental Policy Associate

We are launching a new Environmental Policy Associates (EPA) program, providing an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs across Princeton University to connect with our Center and our research on pressing energy and environmental policy topics. 

Associates will receive news about Center events; invitations to meet with our speakers; research updates; and opportunities to work and collaborate with our research groups studying issues such as climate adaptation, sustainable energy transitions, conservation of wildlife and ecosystems, and behavioral research and climate change.

As we roll out this new associates program in Spring 2022, the format will be flexible. However, we expect to be able to support EPAs in developing their own student-led events and activities with the support of C-PREE staff and funding (e.g. workshops, invited talks, etc.). In addition to meeting with speakers from the Bradford Seminar series, we hope to connect associates with alumni and practitioners working in the field of environmental policymaking. 

We see the EPA program as a way to connect students and researchers from across campus with complementary and interdisciplinary backgrounds through events, discussions, and informal gatherings. We also invite associates to help us shape the program in this early stage, and encourage feedback throughout the process.

To Apply

Please complete this Google form (requires Princeton authentication) or send your letter of interest to [email protected] explaining why you want to be an EPA, what you hope to gain and contribute, and any relevant information about your studies, extracurricular activities, work experience, etc.

Only current students and postdocs at Princeton University are eligible to apply. We are receiving applications on a rolling basis, and you may apply anytime.