Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus and Opportunities for Water Resource Recovery

Sep 24, 2018, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
#300 Wallace Hall


Open to the public, RSVP required.
Event Description

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Research Interests

Water-Energy Nexus; Environmental Biotechnology; Water Resource Recovery; Microbial Electrochemistry; Water and Wastewater Treatment; Environmental Remediation; Carbon Capture and Utilization; Water Desalination; Membranes

Environmental Biotechnology

  • Carbon-negative, energy-positive wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Environmental remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents
  • Sustainable water infrastructure
  • Microbial and electrochemical carbon capture, utilization, and storage

Bioenergy, Biofuels, and Bioproducts

  • Microbial electrochemical technology (MET) (bioelectrochemical system or MXCs, microbial fuel cell, microbial electrolysis cell, microbial desalination cell, microbial electrosynthesis)
  • Fermentation, anaerobic digestion, and other bioenergy systems for hydrogen, biogas, drop-in fuels, and value-added chemicals production
  • Anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR), electrochemical membrane bioreactor (EMBR

Water Desalination Systems

  • Capacitive deionization and membranes
  • Oil and gas flow back water and produced water management
  • Seawater and groundwater desalination