COP27 Event: 2022 GCP Carbon Budget, Scaling Solutions, and the Role of Agriculture

Nov 11, 2022, 9:45 am11:15 am
  • Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment
  • Stanford University
  • Cornell University
Event Description

Stanford, Cornell and Princeton will co-host an official COP27 side event featuring the release of the 2022 carbon budget from the Global Carbon Project (presented by Professors Pierre Friedlingstein (University of Exeter) and Julia Pongratz (LMU Munich), plus two important discussions on climate solutions. 

First, Arun Majumdar, dean of Stanford's new Doerr School of Sustainability, will present a keynote on Stanford’s approach to accelerating the delivery of solutions at scale. Next a panel featuring experts from Cornell, Princeton, and WRI will discuss “Climate and Agriculture: Challenges and Solutions,” with closing remarks from Debra Roberts (co-chair IPCC WGII). 

Speakers will include:

  • Chris Field,  Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
  • Arun Majumdar,  Inaugural Dean, Stanford Doerr School for Sustainability
  • Pierre Friedlingstein, Director and Lead Author, Global Carbon Budget 
  • Julia Pongratz, Chair of Physical Geography and Land-Use Systems at LMU Munich
  • Janet Ranganathan, Managing Director and Executive Vice President for Strategy, Learning and Results at World Resources Institute (WRI)
  • Allison Chatrchyan, Director of the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions   
  • Deborah Aller, Extension Associate, Soil Health Program, School of Integrative Plant Science Soil and Crop Sciences Section 
  • Timothy Searchinger, Senior Research Scholar at Princeton University's Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment 
  • Debra Roberts, Co-Chair Working Group II, IPCC

In-person attendance is limited to COP27 delegates with blue zone credentials. A recording of the event will be posted to YouTube and made available following the event.