* (Seminar Cancelled on October 31st 2018) - Managing Tropical Agriculture to Minimize Biodiversity Loss

Mon, Nov 5, 2018, 12:00 pm

My research focuses on understanding the impacts of land-use change on tropical biodiversity. I am particularly interested in understanding the most effective ways of managing tropical landscapes for biodiversity protection and the mechanisms that can be used to fund protection, although I have a range of interests, including;

  • Impacts of logging management on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
  • Tropical agriculture and sustainability.
  • The interaction between climate change and land-use change on extinction risk.
  • Cost-effective conservation within the tropics.
  • Policy drivers of tropical forest protection, including REDD+ and sustainability labeling.
  • Mechanisms of maintenance in mutualism.
#300 Wallace Hall
Open to the public with rsvp to ccrosby@princeton.edu