Before the Ballot: How to Lasso Climate Change

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Princeton Policy Podcasts
Sept. 27, 2020

While climate change has been with us far longer than Covid-19, the response to the pandemic could present an opportunity to begin building a greener, more equitable economy. Yet significant roadblocks exist, from some people’s distrust of science to opposing political views on how to tackle the issue.

Michael Oppenheimer joins Before the Ballot to discuss approaches — both regulatory and incentive-based — that in combination can work toward significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the next few decades.


Before the Ballot is a podcast series designed to educate voters before they cast their ballots this November. It features faculty at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

The show is hosted by Elisabeth Donahue, associate dean of public affairs and communications. It is produced and edited by Henry Barrett ’22 and B. Rose Huber, communications manager and senior writer. Sarah Binder, communications specialist, wrote these summaries.



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