Podcast: From parks to payments, which conservation strategies work best?

Aug. 4, 2020

In its 100th episode of the Mongabay Newscast!, the conservation news platform revisits their Conservation Effectiveness reporting project, highlighting developments since the initial reporting three years ago. 

The Conservation Effectiveness project was a collaboration between Mike Gaworecki of Mongabay, former Mongabay staff writer Shreya Dasgupta, and tropical forest ecologist Dr. Zuzana Burivalova, who was a postdoctoral research associate with C-PREE at the time, working in David Wilcove's research group. Zuzana led the research into the body of evidence for conservation impacts, and Mike and Shreya did the reporting.

They found that, for all of the interventions they looked at, there was not an abundance of research on their effectiveness, and many of the studies that had been done were not rigorously designed.

Listen to the podcast from Mongabay here: https://news.mongabay.com/2020/08/podcast-from-parks-to-payments-which-…