Congratulations to our 2021 STEP Graduates!

May 12, 2021

This year, we are thrilled to celebrate the graduation of 18 students. This year’s graduates and their STEP policy topics include:

SPIA PhD in Public Affairs – STEP Cluster
  • Hélène Benveniste - Science for International Policy on Climate Change: A Multi-Method Contribution
  • Xu Chen - Bilateral financing of the power sector and implications for the global low carbon energy transition
  • Zhongshu Li - Understanding the Role of China in the Power Sector of Other Developing Countries
  • D.J. Rasmussen - Coastal defense in an era of sea-level rise: science, politics, and decision-making
  • Wenying Liao - Cooperative food bank: governing food insecurity and nitrogen pollution under climate change
  • Da Pan - Observational evidence of decreasing secondary inorganic aerosol sensitivity to ammonia in the United States
  • Tasman Powis - Proliferation Concerns for Highly Enriched Uranium Space Reactors
  • Yiheng Tao - Strategic carbon dioxide infrastructure to achieve a low-carbon power sector in the Midwestern and South-central United States
MPA STEP Certificate Recipients
  • Elliot Amkraut - Indigeneity, Power and Policy in Nepal’s Large-scale Hydropower Projects
  • Bekmyrza Asanbaev - Building on the analysis in “Temperature Shocks and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Last Half Century”
  • Kaira Bakkestad-Legare - Recommendations for Countering Hate Speech on Social Platforms
  • Emily Chen - Carbon Pricing in U.S. Wholesale Electricity Markets
  • Alexander Hydrean - Incentivizing Zero-Emission Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles in New Jersey
  • Meghana Mungikar - Suraj Hua Maddham: Storing Solar in India
  • Liza Paudel - Shaping of Privacy Regulations in the Developing World: A Case Study of the Philippines
  • Sujata Rajpurohit - Opportunities and Consequences of KUSUM in Rajasthan
  • Corbin Stevens - Can the United States, Russia, and China Establish Cyber Norms for Nuclear Systems?
  • Ryan Warsing - Taming the World's Wildfires: The Need for International Wildfire Management


The Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP) program at the School of Public and International Affairs is the academic umbrella for several programs for Princeton graduate students, including:

  • the PhD in Public Affairs at SPIA through the STEP cluster;
  • the STEP Master's certificate; and
  • the HMEI-STEP Fellowship, and others pursuing the STEP doctoral certificate.

The STEP Program encourages Master's and PhD students to acquire a sophisticated understanding of key issues at the intersection of science, technology, and policy.