Alexander Berg

Electrical Engineering (EE)
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F310 J3 Engineering Quadrangle

Alexander Berg is a Ph.D student in the Electrical Engineering Department. Advised by Dr. James C. Sturm, his work lies at the intersection of semiconductor devices and materials science. He focuses on c-Si/metal-oxide interfaces, with an emphasis on fine-tuning oxide growth by atomic layer deposition for applications in photovoltaics. In the past, he worked on developing a new method for modeling and understanding carrier flow in Si heterojunction solar cells.

Alexander is also a PEI-STEP fellow working under the supervision of Dr. Michael Oppenheimer. He is studying cross-sectoral trends in patenting with the goal of helping research stakeholders make optimal funding decisions.

Publications List: 

AH Berg, KA Nagamatsu, and JC Sturm, "Extraction of Front-and Rear-Interface Recombination in Silicon Double-Heterojunction Solar Cells by Reverse Bias Transients," IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 64 (11), 4518-4525 (2017)

KA Nagamatsu, S Avasthi, G Sahasrabudhe, G Man, J Jhaveri, AH Berg, J Schwartz, A Kahn, S Wagner, and JC Sturm, "Titanium dioxide/silicon hole-blocking selective contact to enable double-heterojunction crystalline silicon-based solar cell," Applied Physics Letters 106 (12), 123906 (2015)

J Jhaveri, AH Berg, and JC Sturm, "Isolation of Hole Versus Electron Current at p-Si/TiO 2 Selective Contact Using a Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Structure," IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 8 (3), 726-732 (2018)