Benjamin H. Bradlow

Assistant Professor of Sociology and International Affairs
Office Phone
Wallace Hall 328

Benjamin H. Bradlow is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and International Affairs. Bradlow's research makes connections between climate change, urbanization, industrial change, and the political challenges for democracy that confront societies across the globe. His first book, Urban Power: Democracy and the Unequal City, is forthcoming in 2024 with Princeton University Press (Princeton Studies in Global and Comparative Sociology). Here, Bradlow compares the divergent politics of distributing urban public goods — housing, sanitation, and transportation — in two mega-cities after transitions to democracy: São Paulo, Brazil, and Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently researching a new comparative book project that examines industrial transitions from carbon in the Global South. This work explores how middle-income countries with export-oriented, internal combustion engine automobile manufacturing sectors are navigating a rich world transition to electric vehicles.