Brent Efron

MPA, Domestic Policy
School of Public and International Affairs
Class of 2024

Originally from Boston, Brent studied mechanical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Following graduation, Brent worked as an organizer on two Democratic campaigns, first for Senator Tammy Baldwin in 2018 and then for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in Iowa during the 2019-20 Democratic primary. More recently, he worked in the North Carolina for Biden campaign headquarters as deputy data director and then joined the new Biden administration as Special Assistant to the Associate Administrator for Policy at the U.S. EPA. Through these experiences, he has seen first-hand how essential politics and policymaking are to making change. After receiving an MPA from SPIA, Brent is interested in working on implementation of new federal climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act, as well becoming a champion for Climate Adaptation at the local level, particularly in communities facing disproportionate impacts from the climate crisis.