Fiona Bare

PhD Student
Department of Politics

Fiona Bare is a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics studying the political economy of climate change. Her dissertation examines the politics of climate finance, seeking to explain the barriers to resource mobilization. She focuses on the role of emerging economies in climate finance negotiations, including research into their goals and bargaining strategy. In other work, Fiona studies the role of non-state actors, especially firms, in climate policymaking and ESG finance. Fiona hopes her research will help inform policymakers on how to design equitable and effective climate finance mechanisms to improve efforts for addressing climate change.

At Princeton, Fiona is also a graduate student fellow with both the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance and Princeton Sovereign Finance Lab (PSFL), and is Princeton Energy and Climate Scholar (PECS) through the High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI). Prior to pursuing graduate studies, she worked as a strategy consultant at Camber Collective, a boutique social impact firm. Fiona holds a BA with honors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (summa cum laude) from Claremont McKenna College and an MA in Politics from Princeton University.