Gregory Garner

Associate Research Scholar

I am a meteorologist and climate scientist working with Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on problems relating to climate change, decision making, and public policy. Broadly, I’m interested in how people use tools and information to inform decisions.  This has afforded me the opportunity to study a diverse range of topics including weather, climate change, atmospheric chemistry, air quality, robust decision making, sea-level rise, heatwaves, and more alongside experts in social sciences, statistics, economics, philosophy, mathematics, and engineering.  I use state-of-the-art optimization tools, statistical methods, integrated assessment models, and data analysis to investigate complex problems across multiple disciplines.  I emphasize the importance of science communication throughout my research by publishing with open-access (when available), performing science-outreach activities, and sharing the products of my work through web-based tools and code repositories.

Research keywords: Meteorology, Air Quality, Model Verification, Climate Change, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Robust Decision Making, Multi-objective Optimization, Integrated Assessment, Social Welfare, Sea-level Rise, Adaptation, Endogenous Learning, Direct Policy Search, Extreme Events

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