Jing Liang

Postdoctoral Research Associate
307 Robertson Hall

I complete my PhD in Policy Studies from the University of Maryland. I have a MS in sustainability from Arizona State University and a ME from Beijing Normal University. My research interests include energy efficiency, energy economics, energy policy, and energy sustainability. I study electricity consumption in residential and commercial buildings and examine consumers’ behavioral changes. My career goal is to help people have a better understanding of energy issues and hope my work can contribute to a transition to a cleaner and low-carbon future.

Selected Publications

Liang, J., Qiu, Y., James, T., Ruddell, B. L., Dalrymple, M., Earl, S., & Castelazo, A. (2018). Do energy retrofits work? Evidence from commercial and residential buildings in Phoenix. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management92, 726-743. 

Liang, J., Qiu, Y., & Hu, M. (2019). Mind the energy performance gap: Evidence from green commercial buildings. Resources, Conservation and Recycling141, 364-377. 

He, P., Liang, J., Qiu, Y. L., Li, Q., & Xing, B. (2020). Increase in domestic electricity consumption from particulate air pollution. Nature Energy5(12), 985-995. 

Liang, J., Qiu, Y., & Xing, B. (2021). Social Versus Private Benefits of Energy Efficiency Under Time-of-Use and Increasing Block Pricing. Environmental and Resource Economics78(1), 43-75.