Matthew Sisco

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

At Princeton I'm conducting research on human perceptions of climate change and air pollution to help inform policy making. I completed my PhD in quantitative psychology at Columbia University with a specialization in data science as an IGERT fellow with the computer science department. I am an affiliate scientist at the European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE). My methodological expertise includes text analysis, big data mining, machine learning, survey design, behavioral experiments, and regression analysis.

Twitter handle: matthew_sisco

Selected Publications

Sisco, M.R., Pianta, S., Weber, E.U., & Bosetti, V. (2021). Global climate strikes sharply raise attention to climate change: Analysis of climate search behavior in 46 countries. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 75, 101596. [PDF]

Pianta, S. & Sisco, M.R. (2020). A hot topic in hot times: how media coverage of climate change is affected by temperature abnormalities. Environmental Research Letters, 15 (11). [PDF]

Sisco, M.R., & Weber, E.U. (2019). Examining charitable giving in real-world online donations. Nature Communications, 10. [PDF]

Sisco, M.R., Bosetti, V. & Weber, E.U. (2017). When do weather events generate attention to climate change? Climatic Change, 143 (1-2), 227-241. [PDF]