Mi Zhou

Postdoctoral Research Associate
307 Robertson Hall

I am an atmospheric modeler studying both the physical mechanism for PM2.5 pollutions and the mitigation strategies to alleviate PM2.5levels in developing countries. My research interests include meteorology-pollutant interactions at local and regional scale, current trends of air pollutants, as well as air quality and carbon co-benefits of environmental and energy policies in China and India. My previous project found that the aerosol-radiation feedbacks increase the effectiveness of short-term emission mitigation measures (please see the linked report below), which helps policymakers to better evaluate how air quality would response to temporary mitigation strategies. In addition, I also studied the clean heating transition in northern China and compared several viable alternative heating options based on their impacts on air quality, health, carbon emissions, and household costs. My research goal is to bridge the gap between science and policymaking concerning both short-term and long-term air pollution controls.

I received my PhD in Atmospheric Physics & Atmospheric Environment in 2021 from Peking University. I also have a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from Sun Yat-sen University.

Email contacts: [email protected] / [email protected]

Selected Publications

(1) Zhou, M., Liu, H., Peng, L., Qin, Y., Chen, D., Zhang, L., and Mauzerall, D.L.: Environmental Benefits and Household Costs of Clean Heating Options in Northern China, Nature Sustainability, 2021

Related reports

(2) Zhou, M., Zhang, L., Chen, D., Gu, Y., Fu, T-M., Gao, M., Zhao, Y., Lu, X., and Zhao, Bin.: The impact of aerosol–radiation interactions on the effectiveness of emission control measures, Environmental Research Letters, 2019

Related reports

(3) Qin, Y., Zhou, M., Pan, D., Klimont, Z., Gingerich, D.B., Mauzerall, D.L., Zhao, L., He, G., and Bielicki, J.M.: Environmental Consequences of Potential Strategies for China to Prepare for Natural Gas Import Disruptions. Environmental Science & Technology, 2022

(4) Liu, Z., Zhou, M., Chen, Y., Chen, D., Pan, Y., Song, T., Ji, D., Chen, Q., and Zhang, L.: The nonlinear response of fine particulate matter pollution to ammonia emission reductions in North China, Environmental Research Letters, 2021