Oladoyin Phillips

STEP Ph.D. Student

Oladoyin is a fourth year PhD student in the Science Technology & Environmental Policy (STEP) cluster at the School of Public & International Affairs. She is in Professor Michael Oppenheimer’s group, as well as the Princeton ZERO Lab led by Jesse Jenkins.

Her multidisciplinary research interests look to combine optimization, environmental policy, political economy and public policy to contribute to energy planning models that can be applied to sub-Saharan African countries. She is specifically interested in the possibility of introducing political economy constraints in optimization models, in order to produce realistic capacity expansion plans that account for the need for environmental sustainability while closing the continent’s industrialization gap.

Before coming to Princeton, she worked as a big data engineer in London, and before that as a data analyst working on network optimization for the logistics arm of the Mahindra Group in Mumbai, India.

Oladoyin has an undergraduate degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University and a Masters in Operations Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University.