Ryan Edwards

Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) PhD 2018

Ryan is a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering. His research seeks to better understand hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and geological storage of carbon dioxide through numerical modeling of subsurface fluid flows in these systems.

In his research as a PEI-STEP fellow, Ryan is also investigating how deployment of carbon capture and storage in the United States can be accelerated in the near future. He is analyzing the policy and financial pathways to developing the carbon dioxide transport infrastructure that is crucial to enabling carbon capture.

Ryan is also involved in a broad range of energy and climate-focused efforts at Princeton as a member of the Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars, working on the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment’s Wind Power Technology Distillate report, and through his involvement with the Carbon Mitigation Initiative.

After completing his studies at Princeton in spring 2018, Ryan will work on energy and climate policy in the U.S. Congress as the 2018-19 American Geosciences Institute William L. Fisher Congressional Geoscience Fellow. He aims to spend his career working at the intersection of science, technology, policy, and politics, helping to drive the energy transition forward.

Ryan hails from Australia, where he completed his undergraduate studies in environmental engineering and geosciences and worked as an engineer in the mining industry prior to his studies at Princeton.


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