Shangwei Liu

Postgraduate Research Associate
STEP PhD '24

Shangwei is a postgraduate research associate, working with Professor Denise Mauzerall. He has a broad range of interests in climate policy, clean energy technology, industrial policy and political economy. His research focuses on examining the economic costs and carbon emissions mitigation potential of various clean energy technologies, as well as improving policies to accelerate technology deployment. Specifically, Shangwei's current research focuses on efficient building envelopes, district heating, air-source heat pumps, and solar PV, among others. Shangwei co-hosts a Chinese podcast about climate science and policies.

Shangwei graduated from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs' Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy program in Jan 2024. Prior to attending Princeton, he obtained an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the School of Environment at Beijing Normal University.

Selected Publications

Liu, Shangwei, Xin Tian, Wenjia Cai, Weiqiang Chen, and Yafei Wang. "How the transitions in iron and steel and construction material industries impact China’s CO2 emissions: Comprehensive analysis from an inter-sector linked perspective." Applied energy 211 (2018): 64-75.

Liu, Shangwei, Xin Tian, Yiling Xiong, Yan Zhang, and Hiroki Tanikawa. "Challenges towards carbon dioxide emissions peak under in-depth socioeconomic transition in China: Insights from Shanghai." Journal of Cleaner Production (2020): 119083.