Sina Razzaghi Asl

Postdoctoral Research Associate
318 Robertson Hall

Sina is an interdisciplinary geospatial researcher and hazards geographer focusing on socio-biophysical vulnerability to flooding and nature-based solutions. Sina's work at the intersection of water-related hazards, nature-based solutions, and geospatial data science tackles the challenges of how to make growing regions more resilient to climate-induced hazards in a sustainable and just way. His ongoing research addresses the intricate relationships between social vulnerability, structural and agricultural loss, and flood recovery distribution in the US to provide reliable and robust indicators and spatial statistics models.  Sina is currently working with C-PREE faculty member Dr. Eric Tate on different projects that aim to better understand and characterize the social vulnerability and flood recovery at multiple spatial scales.

Sina obtained his first Ph.D. in Architecture with an emphasize on Landscape and Urban Planning from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) where he wrote his thesis titled “Landscape architects & urban designers approaches to the common boundary themes in place making”. Sina earned his second Ph.D. in Geography and Urban Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, and was advised by Dr. Hamil Pearsall. Sina's work focused on examining the impacts of nature-based solutions on flood vulnerability and loss in small urbanizing regions in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. He was a faculty member at Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University in Tehran, Iran before joining Temple University. 


Selected Publications

Razzaghi Asl, S. & Pearsall, H. (2023) How do spatial factors of green spaces contribute to flood regulation in urban areas? A systematic mapping approach. Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment, 47(5), 702-720.

Razzaghi Asl, S. (2023). "To What Extent Have Nature-Based Solutions Mitigated Flood Loss at a Regional Scale in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area?" Urban Science 7, no. 4: 122.

Razzaghi Asl, S. & Pearsall, H. (2022). "How Do Different Modes of Governance Support Ecosystem Services/Disservices in Small-Scale Urban Green Infrastructure? A Systematic Review" Land 11, no. 8: 1247.