Smita B. Brunnermeier

Lecturer of Economics and Public and International Affairs

Dr. Smita Brunnermeier is an environmental economist who builds micro-econometric models to analyze the policy causes and consequences of interactions between human or corporate behavior and environmental services. She has researched the social welfare impacts of regulating hazardous air and water pollutants, the effects of regulation on industry location decisions (pollution haven’s hypothesis and carbon leakage), the drivers of pollution reduction and energy efficiency technologies, the links between corporate environmental and financial performance, and land use dynamics in urban environments. She is also keenly interested in issues at the intersection of economic development and environmental protection. She earned a PhD in Economics from Vanderbilt University in 1998 and has been a lecturer in Economics at Princeton since 1999. She has taught courses on environmental and natural resource economics, sustainable development and microeconomics, and advised over a hundred junior independent papers and senior theses on environmental topics at Princeton.

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