STEP Fellows - PhD in Public Affairs

Tom Bearpark
Hélène M. Benveniste, PhD*21
Xu Chen, PhD*21
Nicolas Choquette-Levy
Christopher Crawford
Xiangwen Fu
Rohit Gupta
Bing Lin
Shangwei Liu
Mayank Sarika Misra
Malini Nambiar
Paul Nix
Tamara Patton
Liqun Peng
Oladoyin Phillips
Pooja Ramamurthi
DJ Rasmussen, PhD*21
Melissa Tier
Henrietta Toivanen
Yujie Wu
Rachel Young


Shashank Anand
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2021
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Paris Blaisdell-Pijuan
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2020
Electrical Engineering
Claudia Brunner
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2019
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Glen Chua
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2021
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Kairui Feng
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2020
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michelle Frazer
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS)
Anna Jacobson
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2021
Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Jeffrey Lee
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2020
Molecular Biology
Michael Schwoerer
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2021
Molecular Biology
Jane Smyth
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2019
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
Emily Wei-Hsin Sun
HMEI-STEP Fellow 2019
Civil and Enviromental Engineering

The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs offers a PhD in Public Affairs for students interested in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy. The students reflected to the left are those admitted to the program working on environmental and energy policy under the advising of C-PREE Faculty.

Students in the section below are PhD candidates in other departments who have been selected for the HMEI-STEP Fellowship. These students work with a C-PREE faculty adviser to add a policy dimension to their research.