Tom Bearpark

STEP Ph.D. Student

Tom is a PhD student at Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs. He is advised by Professor Michael Oppenheimer, and is studying towards a PhD in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy.

Tom’s research uses econometrics to study the impacts of extreme weather and climate change. His current research projects include an investigation into the ways in which weather affects migration patterns in the US, a study on the relationship between urban flooding and mortality rates in Mumbai, India, and an evaluation of the impacts of natural disasters on household retail spending and climate adaptation decisions in Florida. He is also interested in developing new econometric and statistical tools to help researchers quantify the economic and social impacts of climate change. 

Before coming to Princeton, Tom was a pre-doctoral fellow at the Climate Impact Lab at the University of Chicago, a team of interdisciplinary researchers that aim to quantify and project the impacts of climate change. He also spent two years working in the UK government's energy regulator as an analyst and economist. 

Tom has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy from the London School of Economics, and a masters in Economic Research from the University of Cambridge.