Xiangwen Fu

STEP Ph.D. Student

Xiangwen is a Ph.D. candidate in the Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) program at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He works with Professor Denise L. Mauzerall, and is interested in assessing urban decarbonization strategies and their air quality and human health co-benefits.

Carbon emissions from transportation and building sectors in urban areas could be effectively reduced through articulating urban form and retrofitting urban energy infrastructure, which would also bring significant co-benefits to urban residents. Xiangwen's research at Princeton focuses on compact urban development and its implications for urban transportation, carbon emissions, air pollution, and human health in Chinese cities, with an aim to provide solid policy suggestions on urbanization and urban decarbonization of China in the future.

Selected Publications

Fu, X.W., Liu, J.F., Ban-Weiss, G.A., Zhang, J.C., Huang, X., Ouyang, B., Popoola, O., Tao, S., 2017. Effects of canyon geometry on the distribution of traffic-related air pollution in a large urban area: Implications of a multi-canyon air pollution dispersion model. Atmospheric Environment 165, 111-121. 

Fu, X.W., Xiang, S.L., Liu, Y., Liu, J.F., Yu, J., Mauzerall, D.L., Tao, S., 2020. High-resolution simulation of local traffic-related NOx dispersion and distribution in a complex urban terrain. Environmental Pollution 263, 114390.