Yiwen Zeng

Associate Research Scholar
311 Robertson Hall

I am an applied ecologist and geospatial modeller. My research focuses on tropical conservation and sustainability, with the overarching goal of applying interdisciplinary solutions to issues surrounding environmental sustainability and its intersection with human development, climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Selected Publications

Koh LP, Zeng Y, Sarira TV, Siman K (2021) Forest carbon prospecting for climate change mitigation. Nature Communications 12(1): 1–9.

Zeng Y, Friess DA, Sarira TV, Siman K, Koh LP (2021) Global potential and limits of mangrove blue carbon for climate change mitigation. Current Biology 31:1737-1743.

Zeng Y, Sarira TV, Carrasco LR, Chong KY, Friess DA, Lee JSH, Taillardat P, Worthington TA, Zhang Y, Koh LP (2020) Economic and social constraints on reforestation for climate mitigation in Southeast Asia. Nature Climate Change 10: 842–844.

Zeng Y, Maxwell S, Runting RK, Venter O, Watson JEM, Carrasco LR (2020) Environmental destruction not avoided with the Sustainable Development Goals. Nature Sustainability 3: 795–798

Zeng Y, Yeo DCJ (2018) Assessing the aggregated risk of invasive crayfish and climate change to freshwater crabs: a Southeast Asian case study. Biological Conservation 223: 58–67

Zeng Y, Low BW, Yeo DCJ (2016) Novel methods to select environmental variables in MaxEnt: A case study using invasive crayfish. Ecological Modelling 341: 5–13