Research Group

Oppenheimer Research Group - current and former members

Associate Research Scholars and Postdoctoral Research Associates (current)

Gregory Garner ( Associate research Scholar)
Lei Zhao ( Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Mark Vardy ( Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Stephanie Lackner ( Postdoctoral research Associate)
Tingyin Xiao ( Postdoctoral Research Associate)

Graduate students (current)

Rachel Baker ( STEP PhD student)
David Rasmussen ( STEP PhD student)
Helene Benveniste ( STEP PhD student)
Nicolas  Choquette-Levy ( STEP PhD student)
Xiaogang He (STEP -PEI)
Alexander Berg ( STEP-PEI)
Michelle Frazer (STEP-PEI)
Siyuan Xian ( STEP-PEI)
Jane Baldwin ( STEP-PEI)
Andrew Tilman ( STEP-PEI)


Associate Research Scholars and Postdoctoral Research Associates (former)

Bethany Bradley (STEP 2006-2009) Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Conservation, UMass- Amherst
Keynyn Brysse (STEP 2008-2011) Private consulting and technical scientific manuscript editing
Ruohong Cai (STEP 2011-2014) Economist, Environmental Defense Fund, NYC
Simon Donner (STEP 2002-2007) Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Lyndon Despard Estes (STEP 2008 – 2017) Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Clark University
Shuaizhang Feng (STEP 2008-2010) Associate Professor - School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,
Josh Hooker (STEP 2005-2008) Research staff, Environmental Science Division, University of Redding,  UK
Sol Hsiang (STEP 2011 – 2013) Chancellor’s Associate Professor of Public Policy and Co-Director of the Climate and Environment Initiative, Goldman School of Public Policy, University Of California, Berkeley.
Robert Kopp (STEP 2007-2009) Associate Director, Rutgers Energy Institute and Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences, at Rutgers University
Rachel Licker (STEP 2012 – 2016) Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State, AAAS Science and Technology Fellow
Christopher Little (STEP 2012 - 2014) Climate Scientist, Oceanography Group, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), Boston, MA.
Kyle Meng ( STEP VRC 2013-2014)  Assistant Professor, Bren School, Department of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara
Vaishali Naik (STEP 2003-2007) Physical Scientist, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton
Jessica O'Reilly (STEP 2008-2010) Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington
Ben Schenkel (STEP/CEE  2015 - 2017) Associate Research scholar
Quansong (Daniel) Tong (STEP 2003-2006) Research Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC
Nathan Urban (STEP 2010-2011) Energy Security Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Stefan Gerber  - Assistant Professor-  Landscape Biogeochemistry , Department of Soil and Water Science, University of Florida -
Pratikshya Bohra-Mishra - (2012 - 2016)  Senior Research Associate , Glass Frog Solutions - Data Solutions for Non -Profits , Boston MA
Yonggang Liu - (2012-2015) Assistant Professor of Physics,  Peking University
Emmi Yonekura ( Associate Research Scholar)

Graduate Students recieving the PHD ( former)

Chi-Jen Yang - (STEP 2008) Technology Policy Analyst, Nicholas institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University -
Christopher Little ( Geosciences 2012)) -  Climate Scientist, Oceanography Group,  Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), Boston, MA
MIchael Gillenwater - (STEP 2013) Executive Director, Greenhouse  Gas Management Institute, Seattle, Washington
Phillip Hannam (STEP 2016) Operations Officer ( Young Professionals), World Bank Group, Washington, D.C.
Maya Buchanan ( STEP 2017) -  ICF International

PEI-STEP graduate students (former)

Bryan Mignone - Senior Policy Advisor,  Office of Policy and International Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy ,
and on leave from Brookings Institute (
Barclay Satterfield - Life Cycle Associate  Scientific Certification Systems, Emeryville Ca ( formerly) American Chemical Society Policy Fellow, Washington, DC
Andrew Duguid - Senior Wellbore Integrity Engineer - Schlumberger Carbon Services
Alexander Ntelekos  - Catastrophe Risk Expert, Financial Services Authority, London, UK (
Ning Lin -  Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University
Tiffany Tong  - Research Associate, Center for Technology and Economic Development, New York University
Ian Lloyd -  Climate Change Adaptation Team , World Bank
Geeta Persad - Postdoc, Stanford University
Dan Li 
Joseph Majkut - Director,  Climate Program, Niskanen Center
Stephanie Debats
Aahana Ganguly
Hang Deng
Jenna Losh
Matthew Escarra
Tao Wang
Juan Nogues