Conservation of Wildlife and Ecosystems

Human impacts on the environment are having an important effect on biodiversity. Climate change, population growth, urban expansion, food production, and changing land use are altering ecosystems in profound ways. Biodiversity is critical for Earth’s ecosystems and for human life.

Our faculty, postdocs, and students seek to study and understand the specific impacts that environmental changes, such as habitat loss and global warming, are having on species and ecosystems. Drawing on this information, they work alongside policymakers, NGOs, and other research collaborators to help identify the best strategies for protecting biodiversity, improving outcomes for endangered species, and sustaining the natural resources required for future generations.

More specifically, recent research in this area has covered such topics as forest conversion and logging, oil-palm production, the unsustainable trapping of wild animals, reforestation and other forms of ecological restoration, animal migration patterns, and agricultural land use. Their research methods and approaches encompass both ecology and the social sciences.

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